Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Little Lovee

Eight years ago today I was fat and hot and tired and in preterm labor with +3 keytones in my urine and really high blood pressure. I was told at my 10 am perinatologist appointment I would have a baby that day. I was stunned to say the least! Fred was at a neighbors house, just for the appointment and my baby wasn't due until Nov. 13th! The lady at the Dr. office reassured me that no matter what my due date was I would have a baby before the day was out. We only had one car so ElCid couldn't even get to me without someone from work bringing him to the hospital. There isn't much to remember about her delivery - it was an expedited c-section. The only thing that sticks out was my Dr. saying the suction tube was the only thing at UMC that didn't suck. The next 2 days were a nightmare. She was born Monday evening and I didn't get to hold her until Wednesday afternoon. She was 20 feet away for nearly 48 hours and I couldn't even see her.
The only picture I had for 2 whole days!
The only thing that was on TV was 9/11 coverage showing the same awful pictures over and over and the History Channel I watched a lot of that. I had a roommate (bleck!) who had twins and they would bring them to her and she would just leave them in the bassinets at the end of her bed until they made noise and then she'd call the nursery to come back and get them. My mom came and took care of Annie while I was trapped in a bed with a stingy nurse who wouldn't give me a whole Popsicle at once! I went home on Friday and Jr. came home on Monday it was awful leaving my baby in that hell hole for a whole weekend without me. Ever since she came home I have spoiled her quite completely to make up for that awful week.

Home from the hospital!
In the Blessing dress
1 yr old
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday
It was an Ariel party and I'm not sure where the pictures are hiding.
It was 3 weeks after George was born, I know we had a party!

4th birthday
5th Birthday
6th Birthday
7th Birthday


Jr. is my little sweetheart. She is always looking out for others and enjoys making people happy. She has very tender feelings and gets them hurt on a very regular basis. She likes Ariel, LPS, and would give away one of her sisters for a puppy like Teacher Barbie's. I can believe Fred and George are as old as they are - I have the white hair to prove it but it is hard to accept that My Little Lovee is growing up so big!


Tami said...

i know exactly how you feel- after Matey was born I kept fainting and they kept him away for almost an hour. It was horrible. *love you*

that snowgirl cake is the coolest one by far. the nemo however is a close second.

Have a great birthday and a wonderful party! I'm bummed that I couldn't stay the whole time or come back down again so soon.

Willis Party of 6 said...

Her birth was so sad...well, not her birth, but what you had to go through. I'm sorry!!!!! I had the same thing happen to me when I had my first....I couldn't see her or hold her either....and the same happened with my 2nd...It's such a horrible feeling! But I'm so glad that she is healthy and is The BIG 8yrs old today!!!!!

Can't wait to see what kind of cake you made her this year. What was up with the snowman cake? I'm guessing that was her request?

An Wanna said...

Cute pics. I hope the party is lots of fun!

Karen Valinda said...

I am sure Jr will feel left out if she can't lay claim to at least ONE white hair! I remember a couple of times -picnic at Pt Defiance- where her opinion of what should be happening didn't agree with yours, a girl has a reputation to uphold... independent, strong, determined ;-}
She looks divine in the baptismal dress, that's for sure! a nice preview.

Zanne said...

Happy Birthday Jr!!! All I remember about that day was getting an illegal phone call from ElCid telling me she was born. And I had one of my fave companions at the time, so she was really excited with me, which was nice. The baptism dress looks beautiful on her - how wonderful!