Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harvest Festival

Thanks goes to-

ElCid who took the whole day off, watched a sick kid, brought 2 kids and 3 costumes to the school, helped kids have tons of fun for 3 hours, volunteered for 2 booths (Basketball Throw & Float a Bat), and went and got me Mucinex at midnight (I'd been home for a few hours it didn't go that long!)

The PTSO Board who worked with me for a month to put the whole crazy fun mess together. I might call it my Harvest Festival but I am deeply aware I could not do it alone.

The many volunteers that Jen got to come we really appreciate your time and energy.

The teachers who gathered additional parent volunteers for their games and joined us for the fun. 4 hours is a lot of time after a week of work but you make the whole event even more fun.

The parents & students who gathered 961 2 liters of soda and 150 cakes/cupcakes/cookies/brownies. Who also helped run the games during the 4 hours.

Sandra for coming and face painting until her poor shoulder was about to drop off. I really hope you get some business off of that!

Everyone who stayed patient with me while I ran around doped up on cold medicine and got sidetracked with a new question or problem every minute.

Now on to the the fun - pictures of the kiddos!

Jr. The Candy Corn Fairy winning sodas - 2

George the Duckie with the soda she won for me.
(I didn't know I drank RC Cola. I know my Grandma did though.)

George at one of the games ElCid helped with. Float a Bat the point is to throw plastic Bats into a toilet seat ... I don't know why, it's just one of the games.

Spin Art!

I saw my little cuties as I ran around checking prizes, selling tickets, and helping out in a million other ways. I'm so glad they are big enough to let Daddy know where they want to go, what game they want to play next, and that they can use the bathroom by themselves!

It seemed to me that everyone had a good time, no angry Mommies shouted at me, which definitely adds points in the success column.


Karen Valinda said...

So did you earn enough for your class room items? Le thinks it was for class room media carts... or something like that, sounds right to me ;-}
Looks like it was lots of fun! ! !
And NO shouting Mommies :-0 you ARE amazing. xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

Umm you gave away 2 liters of soda for prizes and there weren't any upset mommies? Pretty impressive if you ask me.

And I will have to remember float a bat for my next party just one question though bats as in baseball or the animal? Oh wait once I made the pic bigger I can see it is the animal...

Katie Gubler said... are AMAZING!!!! Way to go...and feel better :) You deserve it!

Linda said...

WOW!! you should definitely be soooo proud and happy. Hope you feel better.