Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling better about the dress but worse in general!

I think I'm getting what George has been fighting the last few days. *sniffle* We won't be bringing this extra set of germs to Provo. I'm SOOO sad but REALLY glad I ran up there last weekend.

I made a matching vest for the blue dress and added lace to the bodice. I think it's better. (Lie say it's better)
I discovered it truly is a size 7/8. It was an exact fit on my darling size 8/9 model.

I also finished up this set. It's going to be the last thing for the show. Unfortunately the only person that I know with kids to fit these sizes (3 months & 2/3T) is Amber and she lives in WAY different sunshine. If I had all the time and money in the world I would send them to her and pay Candace to take fabulous pictures of them, but I don't so I'm stuck with these pictures.

Now I need to finish printing pictures for the photo album and make some semblence of business cards and/or a brochure. Oh yeah and Harvest Festival will be over in 48 hours.


Kathy said...

Much better! I like the trim you added. It looks like a real dress now, instead of a fancy, expensive nightgown! :)

An Wanna said...

Hey she can't sell his outfit! - Moga Hey that's my outfit. - Chugga. I think the blue dress does look better.

Hillary said...

Perfect! I love the cute ducky outfits too. Sarah would've modeled the dress :)

Hillary said...

And BTW - I love the matchy vest. Super cute. They are perfect together.

Safire said...

Very cute! The trim adds a nice touch. And the matchy vest is very cute! But I love matchy stuff for my kids. The duckies are cute too.

Feel better soon!

Willis Party of 6 said...

Yes, I think that my litter could model those off for you! But, I DO live in WAY different sunshine then you! Too bad!!!! Because after they modeled the clothes, I would let you bake me a cake too!

Karen Valinda said...

Not Chugga's outfit Ddonn! Moga doesn't have any pictures of him in it!
The dress benefits from the trim on the bodice, great choice on your part!
Sorry you are a sickie... what will Boo do without pictures of you 'guys' at his blessing! His scrapbook will be incomplete.
Get better quick - the Harvest Festival is upon you ! ! !

Zanne said...

Very cute! So sad that you are sick! I'm glad Boo got to see you last weekend. We will miss you, but thank you for not wanting to get us sick. Feel better really soon!