Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Ariel Cooking Party

On Thursday we celebrated Jr.'s birthday with "white mint chocolate chip ice cream" and brownies

Yesterday our family room was transformed into an amazing bakery!

Each little baker decorated their own apron and a hot pad.

There were cupcakes to decorate with all sorts of sprinkles, toppings and four colors of frosting.

There was plain cookie dough with 9 different things to add to create a one of a kind cookie masterpiece - mini m&m's, mini reeses pieces, raisins, crasins, white choccolate chips, mini chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, Heath bar bits and coconut.

There were sugar cookies with hard white frosting to color with food coloring markers.

There were personal pizzas to be topped with pepperoni, olives, ham & pineapple.

And brownie kabobs to be assembled.

There were lots of nice presents - Thank you!

Each little baker took home their treats & cookie dough, apron & hot pad, a mini rolling pin & wooden spoon. A special thanks to Jen, Diana & Barbara who hung out and helped out!

Bubba & Kafra we missed you!


Karen Valinda said...

So the kabobs were brownies and strawberries? I didn't see one in the labeled picture but I saw strawberries...
This looks like it was an amazing party and everyone is smiling and the extra moms (hands) made me smile and it was great to see Barbara in a picture but best of all...
!!!Happy Eighth Birthday Jr!!!

Awesome Ddonn, awesome.
I kept thinking of the time we had several of the little Wheelers over (for JE I think, I remember the cookies were valentines?) each time I saw the cookies and frosting. Where were food coloring markers then!?!

Beki said...

Happy Birthday again! And V, can you please throw my next party? I think I'm gonna do it the 24th because I don't want it to be a halloween party.

and to mom - ew, when we had them over and were trying to use that giant bucket of disgusting buttercream that grandpa brought over?? I want to puke just thinking about it.

Linda said...

Ohhh, my tummy hurts! Looks like a fun party! Congrats!!!

Hillary said...

I'm sooooo stealing this idea. How fun! Where do you come up with these things?

Tami said...

i want to come! oh wait its over... blast!

An Wanna said...

So I was wondering if extra kid feels odd being the only boy but then I was like well actually considering he is usually the only boy probably not...
I clicked on the link for the brownie kabobs and they look cool only I wouldn't put marshmallows on mine.

Zanne said...

They make food coloring markers? No way! You always know about the coolest stuff.

Katie Gubler said...

How fun! The girls looked like they had a great time :)