Thursday, September 17, 2009

My 5 year old!

5 years ago today I was headed for a Dr appointment feeling like crap after being on bed rest for 6 VERY LONG WEEKS. The thought crossed my mind that it would be amusing if she were born that day because September 17th was the day Lucy met Peter (While You were Sleeping). My Mom wanted me to hold out for 2 more days because the 19th is my Stepfather's birthday.

At the appointment my Dr. agreed I looked like crap and he decided I could be done...7 weeks early (she was due on Halloween) which was scary but I trusted him and at 6:45pm (10 minutes after ElCid made it back to the hospital after going to grab dinner, they said it wouldn't be until later that night) George was born. Her everyday name has El and Syd at the beginnings so she represents ElCid's little piece of heaven. She was 5lbs. 4 oz. (2 oz. bigger than Jr.) and 17 inches long. She was in the NICU for 14 days and in the Special Care nursery for another 4. George wasn't up to eating on her own. She came home on my birthday. It was the best present ever. I sat and held my baby and watched Gilmore Girls.

George has been beautiful and tiny since the the day she arrived and has used that power every minute of everyday. She has taken very well to being the spoiled rotten baby. One day, several years ago she was picking on my Extra Kid and I told him he could move away or tell her no and he looked at me very solemnly and said "But Valinda, that would make her cry!".

George loves her sisters and her Extra Kid. She likes to play with baby dolls, stuffed animals and her Littlest Pet Shops. She still doesn't want her hair cut or her ears pierced. She loves her Kindergarten class (she invited all of the to her party - YIKES) and her teacher. She loves to be the center of attention (only on her own terms) and will ask me once she's dressed in the morning if I think all the other kids will stare at her, which is what she's after. She still doesn't like strangers and will still squeal/squawk/yelp when they speak to her in stores. She still will go all day without eating hardly anything and isn't quite 35 lbs yet. She is definitly left handed when she writes but is righthanded when she plays sports & the Wii. Her "Special" (birthmark) has faded and only shows up faintly pink when she has a screaming fit, she's actually sad on occasion that you can't see it anymore.

The 7th person to be blessed in this dress - Dec. 2004

First Birthday (scrapbook page)

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

Our Baby George is getting so big! We love you Georgie!


Kathy said...

She is a doll! That hair is incredible, as I know you know. It makes me sad that I have had to cut 2-4 inches off the Kafra's every summer since we have had a pool.

Happy Birthday George!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday George!! WE sure LOVE you and hope you have a wonderful day!!

Karen Valinda said...

What a beautiful girl! ! !
We had fun singing Happy Birthday to her and wish we could be there for the party - Happy 5th Birthday George! Have LOTS of fun, we are wishing you a very Happy Day.
love you, Grammy, Uncle Jon, Uncle Brent and AnWanna xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

No offense(sp?) to your other children but I must say the child who wants insanely long hair is obviously of superior intellect. =P

So tomorrow can we see pics of George with her presents?

Karen Valinda said...

this is a ps
George is your third 5 year old . . . know wonder she is so awesome, "third time's a charm!"
Of course, I thought you did amazing on your first and second 5 year olds.
Just sayin'

The Lowe Family said...

ur such a liar..."no one is commenting on my blog" and then i get here and you're like miss famous blogger with 500 hundred comments...

i love that little one of urs. she's a doll. i especially love that 2nd year bday pic with two of my fun favorite ppl in it! :)

El Cid said...

We're all glad I made it back 10 minutes early...