Monday, September 14, 2009

Applique For George's Birthday

I really like "Euro Patterns" but I don't think I'm brave enough to go all out on them. I finally bought 2 patterns (Feliz & Vida, I really want Anna too) a few months ago and did one (Vida) up for George's Birthday.

I bought this fabric on a whim because I knew George would love it, I've discovered I need to stop doing that, and I promised her I'd make her something out of it. George's Ducky Dress might seem a bit immature but she loves it!

I have some LPS fabric for her party on Friday, it's going to be a jumper with a cheerleader feel for the skirt. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow and I can get my house picked up since we have a big surprise coming on Thursday from Boise ... shhh don't tell!


Karen Valinda said...

I am very careful not to reveal anything about our location so I won't tell ! ! !
The dress is adorable and it is NOT 'immature' it is "European", duh!
Moga had to explain LPS to me ;-}
Matey and AnWanna are on a 16 minute walk, her first try at the mobey wrap.

An Wanna said...

She is going to be 5 this week I don't think ducks are too immature. Not that she is your typical almost 5 year old but it is still fine. Poor child is related to all of us typical isn't a word that will be used on her often....

The Lowe Family said...

who cares about immature! make one for me to wear too!