Monday, July 6, 2009

Pictures from the 4th

ElCid actually wrote on the 4th as I was buried under my pillow ignoring a screaming child, she was just tired and nothing I could do short of NyQuil was going to help. By the time the screaming began she had been up 18 hours and was done. Why had she been up 18 hours by 10 pm? Well we went to the parade in Boulder City! We met up with a friend from PTSO and her husband and boys and they shared their Otter Pops, mister and we all had fun.

We all got up at 6 am to get dressed in our festive best and drove half an hour so ElCid could march with the Dina Titus Float. He even got to meet Harry Reid.

Here are some other entries in the Boulder City Parade

There were about 60 (?) entries and the last 15 had water guns and drenched us, by the time we were soaked we were so hot we didn't care at all!

After the parade we headed back home had lunch tried to get a nap in (well I did at least) then it was time for swimming, BBQ and fireworks with my extra kid and his family!

"Yes, I'm looking at you and smiling nice, just take the picture!"

Before we moved we moved Bunso and got into the good fireworks!

If you look at the second picture you can see she's trying to cover her ears in case it gets loud.

Sparkler experts

Pouty Fred and George with an armful of goods

On my way out of the house I grabbed my ipod I ejected it properly and the screen showed up but 10 minutes later when I tried to block out the noise in the van it had a blank white screen that would turn to gray and then black and then back to white. It was tragic and super sad for me. I tried to do all the trouble shooting things all weekend but no dice so this morning I called and talked to a very nice boy from Indiana and I have an appointment at The Forum Shops to get it replaced - Yay! I'll let you all know how it goes. :)


Kathy said...

Fun! Love the festive hair. I forgot to do Kafra's the night before like I usually do, so she sported down long hair with a headband. Not nearly as fun.

Kathy said...

Oh, and personally, I would have tried the NyQuil!

The Lowe Family said...

my favorite part of this whole post was the girls' hairdos. SOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!! i want a girl with long hair :(

Linda said...

was the alcohol based nyquil for you or her? Hmmmm. I've often through an entire bottle for me might be really good!

Le said...

Good thing George didn't try to cover both ears while holding a sparkler...