Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Friday - Pastries with Parents - It went well, we ran out of donuts super quick but we had enough muffins to last the whole time. We had left over juice and coffee too. We got lots of thank yous and only a few dirty looks from the kids who were told they couldn't come back for 4ths.

After cleaning up from Pastries Diana and I ran around looking for a printer for the pictures because my printer decided to stop working, we looked a few places then went to Cafe Rio for lunch. While we were there we called Best Buy and found one there. We picked it up, got change for the pictures and made it back to school just in time to decorate.

5th grade celebration - Holy smokes! It was wild and crazy! I know there are 151 5th graders but in years past the boys stood on one side the girls on the other and only the last half hour do the kids warm up enough to mingle. We didn't have a problem with that this year. The music was LOUD the kids were dancing as soon as they got into the MP room and it was chaos! I was taking the pictures but had to stop constantly to confiscate the mini beach balls that were their souvenir to go home with (if they ever pick Luau again they will get sun glasses) and to stop kids from leaving. The kids at the pictures cracked me up the poses and the expressions were priceless. I made it through the party with my voice still intact, just barely, and the kids had a good time. Next year we need a lot more supervision!

Saturday - Present shopping went well, UP was very good on several levels and the party was a blast. I had to bring George home to ElCid in the middle because she wet her pants in the bouncy house. She let me know it was my fault because I hadn't potty trained her well enough. That comment didn't improve her situation ANY. After showers and getting the girls to bed I went back to work on my talk. I had about 5 minutes done and my mom helped me stretch it to 8+. I printed it in 14 pt font and double spaced it to force myself to read a little bit slower. That mostly worked. I spoke on Individual Worth.

Sunday - Got up early to be on time since ElCid and I were both speaking. Fred woke up with "splatter poops" so she was left home watching a movie for the hour that we were speaking then ElCid went home to hang out with her. The talks went well. Nobody threw things or said we sucked. :) After church I went and had dinner at a friend's house (aka Jen's baby shower) and had a good time hanging out kid free.

Monday - After dropping the kids off I put the party stuff back in the storage unit at school. I handed out the last of the pictures, they took a long time to print. Last night was the last PTSO meeting of the year and I was unanimously voted back in as President. It was shocking.

Today - I'm working on laundry so I can start packing. I'm finishing up the presents for the girl's teachers (they need picture frames). Then after school and before Karate we're going to make the treats that go with it. I'm finally going to make those cake sushi!

Tomorrow - George has another shot appointment, we'll see how it goes. I specifically asked if the shot was in and they acted all weird that duh of course it was. Apparently that girl wasn't around when I was in last month.

Watch out Matey, Auntie Valinda is coming to kiss you!!!


Heidi said...

Valinda, just reading your blog makes me VERY tired! Good luck! And happy packing!

Tami said...


The Lowe Family said...

you DO make me tired. how do u have time and energy for all of this? ohhh yea, u don't have an 11month old and ur pregnant. sorry, i forgot.

Linda said...

You are amazing!

An Wanna said...

Your life is way more fascinating than mine....