Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I decided with all the chaos going on tomorrow the girls will deliver their year end presents today. Each girl made 5 cake sushi for their teacher (George took some for Teacher Barbie) and colored a butterfly (their mascot is the monarch) that was embellished with gems.

I made the ones below for the Office Ladies, Principle and Lunch LadySo cute! And way sweeter than real sushi.
The card reads Thanks for a fintastic year!

The girls had a great time and Fred and Jr did all their work themselves.
I traced George's (for Teacher Barbie again, she likes Hello Kitty)
and she directed where the gems ought to go.

One more day and then they are home for 3 long months!
I hope I can keep them busy without going crazy!


Linda said...

remarkable! I'm very impressed with the creativity!

Susan said...

Are you willing to share the recipe? Those are so cute!

An Wanna said...

Well Grammy isn't really going to work much this summer and they are old enough to fly. And our new place is a bit bigger than this place...

Anonymous said...

Our new house is LOTS bigger (Yes!)
and when Grammy has surgery and spends 4-6 weeks recovering An Wanna will keep my squirrels happily engaged in appropriate activities ;-}
My REAL comment is - of course you can! You're the MOM ! ! !

The Lowe Family said...

those sushi are so me how you did it even though i know u already had it on ur blog awhile back...didn't u?

Beki said...

mmmmmm... i won't be like the people asking for the directions - you can just send me some pre-made :)

Kathy said...

Now, Beki has the right idea! Forget telling me how-just have some delivered! MMM