Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sharing & what I've been up to

ElCid has been hogging my computer. His won't turn on (yes, I already asked if it's plugged in) so all his internet playing has happened on my computer. He does a lot of playing on the internet.

I've been working on a Snow White dress, which is just about done and I've been trying to keep kids busy.

Wil has been supplying me with Harry Potter mp3's so I have something to listen to while I do my work. I'm up to book 6, now I just have to wait for the movie to come out! Kathy and J are going to come and see it with us.

Summer vacation has been interesting. My kids need to use some of the hobbies we have laying around. They actually haven't been to bad, I just lose my patience quite easily.

I've got all the copies for the back to school packets done.

We are headed to Provo ... tomorrow. We will go to St. George tomorrow night and hang out with Kathy and her kids for Bubba's birthday. Then Friday morning, or early afternoon depending, it's off to Provo for myZanne's baby shower. I am very excited! I only had to wait 4 years after I got married for her to get married but I've been waiting 9 years for her to have a baby! We will head back to St. George on Sunday after church and then spend Monday making Bubba's baptism pants. They are going to be made out of J's original Temple pants. ElCid won't be coming with us, he has to stay and work.

Tuesday OOTI gets going full time so I want my house to be mostly clean before we leave. Yes, I know I'm dreaming.


Le said...

According to the Fred Meyer radio ads you should buy your kids movies and video games to keep them busy during the summer. Apparently they want you to have fatty kids. i thought it was odd cuz I know they sell outdoor toys...

Grammy said...

Tiney and I don't know what OOTI is. help! help!
Have fun in St George ;-}

El Cid said...

I would say OOTI stands for "Once On This Island"; but it could also stand for "Out of This Igloo" or "Over and Out Tootles Ike" or "Onomatopoeia On Ted's Icicle"; hmmm, now that I think about it, I bet you it's the onomatopoeia one.

The Lowe Family said...

tryin to catch up since having company and being sick.

it seems like ur always on the go! i guess if all my kids were bigger i'd be always on the go too. i kinda can't wait for that day.