Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday ElCid and I went on a hot date for his Father's Day present. We both had fun and he found a great present he will actually like - records for his player at work. I'm not always good at picking out things he also thinks are great. I'm easy to shop for ... I give him a list!

ElCid is a great Dad and the girls love him taking them places, hanging with them, playing outside with them, kicking their butts on Wii and loads of other fun things. He gets them all riled up when he's supposed to be putting them to bed. He lets them eat inappropriate things for meals on many occasions.

I also need to mention my own great Dad who comes to visit us often and also spoils my girls rotten. My Father - in - Law is really great too. He makes sure that ElCid is treating me right and he loves taking the girls out in his garden.

There are many other amazing men that have influenced me positively over the years and I thank them for their time, patience and love.

Happy Father's Day!!


Grammy said...

I called your grandpa this afternoon and gave him your blog address - again- ;-} and he was excited that through your blog he could get pictures of All my grandkids. xoxoxox

Willis Party of 5 said...

Yah!!!! I hope that your husband enjoyed his gift. I love spoiling my husband on Fathers Day!!!!

El Cid said...

I loved the gifts I received! And I don't think I'm that hard to shop for...hugs and kisses are free!

Uncle Brent said...

Hugs and kisses are free, but cootie dip is 'spensive! Getting small children riled up before bedtime is so much fun... you have no idea! Also, if the kids are eating inappropriate things, well, that's just an excuse for the grownups to eat the same things... Mmmmm... waffles ala mode for dinner.

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