Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally some fun / phone pics

Peter Piper Pizza fun, food and a tour!

For play group today we went to PPP. The girls took a tour of the back and got to make their own pizza. Fred and Jr. had pepperoni. George had "just cheesy".

There's nothing better than eating fresh pizza, watching muted cartoons and hanging with friends.

Beautiful Alki Beach in West Seattle. My Aunt lives 2 blocks from here! If you click the first picture to see it bigger there is a white spot in the middle, that's the Space Needle.

The view from my sister's balcony

Owen's Beach ... one of the most perfect places on the planet.

More Owen's Beach - notice the sky and water match - AWESOME!

More blue sky, The Little Pink House in the parking lot of the Almond Roca Factory in Tacoma, super fake palm trees that are sign posts down by The Dome.

Matey - awww so cute!

Notice all that blue sky? It still hasn't rained.
It's been 30 days which ties the no rain in May/June record.


Willis Party of 5 said...

Awesome pics from a phone:) It looks like your all having a great time! And what a sweet baby to love on:)

The Lowe Family said...

that beach is really pretty! and i wish we had a pizza place thingy like that around here. there is NO fun place for the kids to go. blah.

El Cid said...

Um, who do you have to know to be able to go in the back of PPP to make pizza?

Grammy said...

This morning looked greyer but no rain!
Matey slept in my arms tonight from 7:50 (1950) until 2205 when his mommy went to bed and had me lay him by her...still asleep... she got a lot done: dishwasher, shower, hair, talk to Daddy on the phone, sort laundry, etc but I am a bit concerned that in the wee hours HE is going to be WIDE awake and Grammy will get a surprise visitor to 'party' with while Mommy sleeps! ;-}

Le said...

I am with ElCid we went to PPP for a birthday party the brat who lived next to dad when he was in vegas and there was no going in the back to make your own pizza...