Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post Number 501!

I totally missed the fact I had written 500 entries in my sleep deprived state on Sunday.

It's been a blur of errands, fixing meals, lessons, measurements, and today MyZanne and her John came to visit. She's having a baby! I knew that already but now it's obvious.

We're going to her house next weekend for the baby shower. We went to lunch, planned her baby blessing outfit, and I told her some of the fun stuff Nan taught me about feeling babies while they're on the inside.

OOTI (Once On This Island) officially started for me today by taking measurements. As usual the stuff Steve designed is amazing and I'm very excited to be working on the project. Hopefully it won't be as overwhelming as last summer when I got in a little too far. I won't have as much school/PTSO stuff to do and I'm just a builder this year - honestly my most favorite part.

I'm starting a dress tomorrow (Snow White, like the one I made for myself) and hopefully things will start settling into something of a routine.

Summer Vacation ready or not here it is :)


Anonymous said...

501 - that is way cool, but I will wait and tell Moga in the morning. Christopher and I went to FredMeyer and bought the colic medicine... and his mommy survived without us ! ! !

Kathy said...

This should have been accompanied by a pic of some jeans, baby!

I am glad you are being more of a part-time professional and less of an every-second-of-every-day is consumed by this project professional!

Wahoo! Now when I visit we can play instead of me rescuing you from the chaos!

Roseanne said...

Thanks for the fun day! We are home safe now.

El Cid said...

500? Do you get extra miles for that? Hey, I think I got left at the 275 mile post; now that I think of it! Congrats on 500! I love you!

Safire said...

Yay for 501! :)