Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Phone pics

Here are all those pictures that have been hanging out on my phone, and Kathy's too.

The first 3 are from Kathy's visit on Saturday.
(Hey Kathy, look, the one on my phone did work!)
The brunette on the end is Stirling, with a given name like that he really had no choice but to become a stripper. I had the chance to chat with him for an hour while I asked people as they walked by if they'd like their picture taken with him. He was really funny.

These are from the last time I took Jr. to the Dentist. They had a street fair with "cotton", "snowballs" and popcorn! with a meet and greet with local emergency responders as well.

George got to make the circuit while Jr. was being prepped.
We headed inside to be moral support, and to cool off once the drill started running.
After all the trauma George happily showed Jr. around the fire trucks and ambulances.


An Wanna said...

Ok so i know you mentioned the strippers before but I still don't know the why/how of it....

Kathy said...

That is one long post sista! I am glad though because then I will not be tempted to look at your grossness below! Oh yeah and I updated mine.

Tami said...

are you sure you cant bring the girls ith you and that i have to wait for august?

Safire said...

Looks like fun for George...not so fun for Jr.