Monday, May 18, 2009

Caution Graphic Material - Kathy Do NOT Read

Today George and I went to Target to get her friend a birthday present for Saturday. It was supposed to be quick, easy and fun for the both of us. Sadly it was none of the above. As we headed into the store and grabbed a cart I stuck George in the basket where she loves to ride (simply so old people will tell me how dangerous it is to let my child ride back there. I always want to ask how many of their kids ever used car seats or seat belts but if I did it would be the one person who's kid died in an accident but I digress).

As we passed the one spot on the way to toys she gasped (something we were NEVER allowed to do near my mom, I'm beginning to see the wisdom in that rule) and exclaimed "Look at that!" as I turned to look she leaned and the cart smashed my little toe (which really isn't all that little as George so helpfully pointed out).

It hurt SO bad, I seriously started to cry. I didn't think much had happened I stub toes painfully often so I hobbled over to where she was pointing ... it was a duck. As we headed away from the one spot my toe started oozing blood into my sandal and the pain was beginning to make me nauseous. I limped to the dollar section of the pharmacy area grabbed some bandaids and some wipes then headed to the register.

All this time George is concerned about me but she's also concerned we aren't getting the present. I picked the wrong line and waited bleeding for 10 minutes for the handicap guy to check out the lady in front of me. He really is handicap but usually he doesn't do too bad, today it was bad. (Jessica pointed out later that I should have cleaned my foot off and put a bandaid on it right there in line)

We finally got checked out and I took George to the bench outside the front door reassuring her that just as soon as I got cleaned up we'd go back for the present. Here is what my foot looked like then.

Yes that is blood all over my shoe, and it had started to congeal as well. I was so close to puking! After I was all bandaged up we went back for the present and somehow managed to spend $100 on ... stuff.

Once we made it home I soaked it to see what was really going on. The picture on the left is it all cleaned, the right is after it was soaked.

I couldn't see an actual injury but Jessica asked if the toe nail had come off and it hadn't but I think it is on the way off now, and I feel nauseous again!


Katie Gubler said...


An Wanna said...

Dude I will msg you the pic of my toe when I didn't break it at the blow up toy place. No matter what Brent says or the fact that it has never gone back to looking normal I didn't break it!

Safire said...

Ow ow ow ow!! I've lost several toe nails and it's no fun!

Hillary said...

I often let Sarah ride in the basket. Most people here in the city don't comment on it - probably because they comment on me having two very young kids instead :)

I'm sorry about the toe. Not fun at all. Super, super ouch!

Heidi said...

Eeeeww! Sorry! Hope you are feeling better soon.
I'm so impressed you stayed so calm and were amazingly resourceful. I love the dollar area!

Willis Party of 5 said...

Okay, that really made my private's hurt! Jessica actually told me on the phone what happened to you. It brought me back to her birthday accident and how SICK it was! I was imagining your toe the same way!!!!! So nasty!!!! I had the same thing happen to my big toe, and the whole nail was ripped off! VERY VERY painful!

I hope that the bandaid and maybe some kisses from George made it feel all better?!?!

Beki said...

I thought I broke my toe in the dorm one night. Running down a hall, dodged someone, hit a corner. But all my friends who played sports said it wasn't a big deal and the doctor couldn't do anything. It's fine now, so hope that helps! (and haha, now you have everybody's toe stories!)

The Lowe Family said...

i love this post. nuthin like a good dose of drama to spice life up, right?

that toe seems to be just fine now that it's all cleaned and soaked. i'm sure he'll be okay...even if it does fall off!

thanks for letting me be the first to know!!!

Tami said...

i'd blame mom for you not thinking of cleaning/bandaging it in line- she was always big on not opening things you havent bought.

Karen Valinda said...

I honestly would not have even considered taking care of it in line (while waiting to pay) so I cannot refute Tiney's comment, yeesh! It DOES seem like the logical thing to do. I am sorry your toe suffered gasp damage, I truly am. xoxoxox