Saturday, May 9, 2009

A facebook tag from Barbie

A - Age? 28

B - Bed Size? Two twins shoved together to make a King

C - Chore You Hate? All of the above!

D - Dogs Names? My dog died

E - Essential Start Your Day Item? Contacts

F - Favorite Color? Yellow

G - Gold Or Silver? White Gold

H - Height? 5' 6"

I - Instruments You Play? None

J - Job Title? Mommy, PTSO Pres, Costumer.

K - Kid(s)? 3

L - Living Arrangements? My retro house

M - Mom's Name? Karen

N - Nicknames? Mom, Georgeous

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth? My birth or my children's? I was hospitalized technically overnight with Jr. they sent me home in the wee hours, and for a solid 36 hours with George

P - Pet Peeve? Too many to list

Q - Quote From A Movie? "Life is a pain in the ass" Ox- While you were Sleeping

R - Right Or Left Handed? Right

S - Siblings? 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 1 step brother & sister, 14 in law siblings

T - Time You Wake Up? when the alarm goes off or when the kids make too much noise to ignore them anymore

U - Underwear? Yes I wear them

V - Vegetable You Dislike? Canned peas - nasty!

W - Ways You Run Late? When I blow tires on the free way or a kid barfs, I'm rarely late.

X - X-Rays You've Had? Arm and foot.

Y - Yummy Food You Make? Lots of things, have you seen me?

Z - Zoo Favorites? The Beluga Whale, the elephants and all the fish.


Zanne said...

Um, your 28?!? Reeeally.

Kathy said...

Hmmmm. Now that you have been 29 for two years you have decided to go backward?! Nice try. I am 28. You are 30!

Karen Valinda said...

Poor Ddonn! Even her old mom lists her age 'wrong'(30)on her list of kids' ages on her blog. Of course I share a house with AnWanna (28)so I had NO choice...
Every time I swear off mentioning the verification word they give me one like today... foodsti long 'i'?

Hillary said...

I agree canned peas...NASTY..but then so is canned spinach.