Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My new little man!

Well he cost as much as any of my kids did so I figure he ought to be a family member. As you can see I chose the vacuum for my money he won for the responsibility and ooky factor.

(My poser and her baby had to get in on the picture action)

(I haven't actually gotten the money yet, but I will and I'll replace the money I used.)He doesn't have a name yet there are a few choices out on the table but if you think you have a winner let me know! My children will NOT be involved in the name. I know I'm weird to give my vacuum a name but Kathy did.

I was going to take a picture of him full of grossness off my floor but George wanted to see how it emptied and I forgot. It took about 20 minutes to fill the canister, and that was just my formal living room, the area rug in the family room, half the hall way and 1/4 ? of my bed room. EWW!

I will certainly be vacuuming more often since he cost so much, cleans so well and doesn't shock me while I clean. He's the 4th vacuum we've had in 10 years and costs 4 times as much as all the others put together, here's hoping he lasts longer than the others!


Kathy said...

What is Ratatouille's brother's name? The one that likes to eat garbage? Or Frank from Car's. He gets all mad and plows the field. Your Dyson can "plow" all the gross Vegas grossness out of your floor.

Safire said...

Wow, that is a lot of uckiness to get up! I want a new "family member" too but no such luck for me.

I was thinking of the name Stan...and then you can call him Stan the Man who sucks things into a can.

Although I do like Kathy's idea of Emille (Remy's brother).

Susan said...

I want a full report if that thing is worth it. I have heard good reviews, but never seen one in action.

The Lowe Family said...

so guess what. after seeing this post i'm just now remembering ur voicemail...CRAP i suck. i KNEW i was supposed to call someone back.

i hope you weren't standing in the middle of the store needing me at that very moment. what a crap friend i am, right? please do forgive. i love the dyson you chose. it's mandatory u give him a name. everyone does it. it's a dyson thing. mine is "D" i like ur yellow color tho and i think it should refelct that.