Friday, March 13, 2009

Potpourri with pictures

George and I got to spend most of the morning with my Extra Kid's Grandpa. Grandpa Jim is a crack up, mostly because he isn't my dad. :) George loves him. She thinks he's the best because he dotes on her the way all people should. We changed the sign at school and filled a couple of t-shirt orders.

We went to Sandra's house and helped her to look pretty in her Miss Dorothy dress. It wasn't so great and now it's much better.

I grabbed McD's for George on the way and she got a monkey as the toy. It was a great day.

I discovered I read at a 4th grade level. This was on a 4th grade classroom door.

I own 1 - 5. I laughed tons at #6 - a favorite of Fred right now. #8 is something I should add to my bookshelf. #10 is Chocolate Fever something I haven't read in many years but it's a fun story. I haven't read 7 or 9 but I'm curious now since I liked the rest of them.

This is my poor doped up Jr. from her dentist appointment on Monday.

I trying to decide how responsible I want to be with my money I will earn from doing the Millie dresses.

I REALLY want an ipod that will hold more music and stuff, like audio books, and movies for George to watch while we're on the go.

My vacuum went to the dump this morning because it is morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead!(bonus points to the first person who names the movie) I should really get a new one.

Sam's Club has this awesome playhouse I really want to get my kids, I wanted it last year but didn't have the money. It's back this year, a little bit different but still cool and big enough for Fred to use.

Here's the thing ... all 3 cost the same. I have to save half the money for our spring break trip and the rest will buy only one of those things. So - What is your vote?


Kathy said...

I am voting for the playhouse. The movie is....I know the answer and my brain won't retrieve it, therefore I am hating you right now.

AnWanna said...

The movie is the Wizard of OZ. I do not know that I googled it. I don't normally acknowledge cheating BUT I do not want peopel to think I have that movie mezmorized! And I am boring I vote Vacuum. You should wait til a nice little boy selling Kirby vacuums comes around and work it down to a good price.

Kathy said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Twilight is actually written at a seventh grade reading level. Does that make you feel better?

Kathy said...

Second oh yeah, I am convinced that AnWanna would change her mind if she visited you an a regular basis. Having a big outside toy that you can shove all the screaming meemees (Sp?) into is heaven on earth. Seriously, picture having all the kids outside while you are inside by yourself. Ah, I can almost hear the silence.

Hillary said...

I'm just going to say I wanna back yard playhouse! Oh wait, I wanna have a back yard first.

Safire said...

Ohhh...tough choice. I love my ipod video. It has come through in a pinch when I need it. Although I don't use it as often as I thought I would. The vacuum would be the practical choice for you. But I would have loved that play house as a kid and am slightly jealous of anyone who has a yard. Buy the house!

Heidi said...

If you use Craigs list, you can buy all 3. Damond

Karen Valinda said...

I think the ipod might edge out the playhouse on my list - for you. For me the vacumn would win. Never was any good at taking care of myself but I want you to be!
The ipod could be there for you in more situations and more hours of the day than the other two items!
And my girls are very happy with a big bucket, a running hose and mommy too busy in the house to notice~ oops! Did I type that?

Beki said...

well, as cool as ipods are, if you just want those functions, you can probably find something that does the same for cheaper. Or two things. Like mine & Dan's awesome music players (which we use loads for audiobooks) were $60, and I know Dan's dad found some super cheap personal DVD players 2 years ago that are still working. That way you don't have to rip all your DVDs to put them on the iPod, too. Soo... maybe both of those AND a craigslist vacuum? I like the play toy better, but no vacuum would be gross.

The Lowe Family said...

the playground will have to wait for chirstmas, thats too big to be an every day kinda gift.

the vacuum? if you don't get a dyson u'll be sorry.

the doped up kid...pathetic.

apparently i'm not reading at a 4th grade level or even close to it. i'm not even IN school since i don't read. what a loser.