Sunday, March 22, 2009

"I'm not dead yet"

But I certainly have felt like I was over the last several days! I've been battling allergies, hanging out with my sister, and been desperately getting Cinderella done! I have 2 other things to get done before spring break so I'm trying to work but between being sick and company it hasn't gone well. I'm glad you people missed me here is some of the fun we've been having...

Watching the donkey race (Tuesday)

The Dinosaur Park (Saturday)

Easter Egg Decorating (Sunday)

Our fabulous creations

So I'm not dead but I've been so busy I can't see straight!


Kathy said...

oh good, I was afraid you were being carted off to the big house! Glad to know it was really weeds that did that to my sweet niece.

Tamera said...

why isnt dan in any of the pictures? did just bleck come up?

The Lowe Family said...

ur already decorating easter eggs? seee, ur not're too far ahead! u need to slow it down dude!

An Wanna said...

Who is that pretty girl in the pictures with your children? =)