Monday, March 23, 2009

Headed to the poor house

I took Jr. & George to the dentist today and there will need to be another visit for cavities. Jr has 2 and George has 4 itty bitty ones. Jr. also will be getting her molars sealed to help prevent more cavities there in the future. Fred goes next Monday and I might just have a nervous breakdown with the addition of her bill!


Heidi said...

AHHHHH . . .The joys of the dentist! I always thought the pain was from the drilling and shots and stuff. Now that I'm a parent I realize the real pain is from the bill. Good LUCK!!!!! I'm sure the look on my face when they told me my third child had seven cavities was priceless.

Karen Valinda said...

Now I understand why my mom took us to the medical school when we lived in Missouri... letting them practice on us MUST have saved her from the poorhouse! xoxoxox
re: today's project
I want to hang with Beki! ! !