Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stimulating the Economy / Talent Show Preview

Today the girls and I hit the Mall to find outfits for the
Talent Show.

Macy's was having an okay sale and they got great matching pink dresses, shoes (Payless), bracelets (Claire's) and to their delight I'm lifting the ban on dangly earrings for this ONE occasion (I said not until they're 12 for safety reasons) so they have matching dangly pink earrings (Claire's) too.

I was swindled into a pony shirt for George and another dress for Jr. Yes, I am a sucker for their big, brown, pleading, sad eyes - but no fits.

If you feel like leaving some constructive criticism about the video please do. They still have a lot to work on and we've discussed a lot of the things I'd like to see changed but they seem to listen better to people who aren't me so please let them know what you liked and what could be improved!

If anybody has a suggestion on what to do for their hair,
share that too.


Kathy said...

Great job girls! One thing is that I really can't hear Jr when you two are singing together. Especially when Jr is not moving her lips.
But you are doing awesome. Keep practicing.

Kathy said...

Kafra loves your shoes!

Hillary said...

Um can we say SUPER SUPER cute. Love it. I love that they are doing it together.

Beki said...

I think it looks really good! The most important thing is to practice tons - even more than you think, see if you can make everybody else sick of the song - and make sure you are saying all the words. I agree that I can't hear jr, so make sure you are loud enough :)

The Lowe Family said...

i think they should like rub their face and body as they sing and turn sideways holding the mic in the air and get really crazy and shaky and change their voice to baby talk jessica simpson.

no just kidding, they're perfect :)

Emily said...

You guys look like you're having so much fun! What a fun memory you're helping them create Valinda!

AnWanna said...

When I 7 my big sister just made fun of my singing she certainly didn't sing with me... =(

Anonymous said...

My impression was that Fred sang first, then the chorus together then Jr sang and once again they were together on the chorus. An Wahna jumped to the "I can't hear Jr" refrain until I pointed out they appeared to be taking turns on the verses. Jr was off tune at first on her verse but found it... practice like Aunt Beki advised... I loved her sideway moves,"I can feel the energy" and on the "oh, oh, oh" parts - she seems to prefer the swishing dress moves at first which isn't bad but she carries off the other very well. Fred needs to sing less thru her nose, Grammy's pet peeve, but she is SO awesomely on tune that I can almost overlook the nasal twang, plus it disappears on the chorus. I know you mentioned that you were trying to get her NOT to sing thru her nose... it is hard because most of the artists you hear these days do it. Pure clear tones are so much prettier! I totally loved the video, (my comments are geared towards improving the overall experience...) sing louder Jr, let people know you are there even when Fred is singing with you. Fred, 'clear as a bell' pure notes make it easier for people to hear all the words. ;-}
You two are amazing! and absolutely beautiful. I love your smiles, enthusiasm and voices. Kisses to you both ~ all my love, Grammy xoxoxox the verification is brentl, serious

Not Steve said...

AWESOME! I'd leave their hair down with ringlets and maybe add a matching flower to pin on the side of the head. Good Luck!