Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes folks it's happened. Her Royal Highness Miss George is "locked" in her room today, all day. Why? Well, I'm sick of her fighting with me, screaming at me and throwing tantrums instead of using words. (No, I'm not oblivious to how we got to this point) Last night was the last straw and today she pays the price. She's been pretty good so far.

In other news the auditions were at 8:10 this morning (yuck) and I think they did well. I have no idea how long we have to wait (can't be too long) for the results but I think I'll video them singing and put it on here, just so you can see.

There was a mom in line with us that I probably should know the name of but don't, she's helped out with PTSO before, who was wondering why they don't have more than one show so all the kids who'd like to be in the show, can. I was very polite and used the reasons of time constraints and building use but what I was really thinking was...Seriously? What if some kid is awful? I don't want to have to sit through that if my kid is in the same show as them! I hope my kids will get the chance to be in the show but if they don't they'll have to get over it and try again next time. Not everyone is a winner, not everyone can be involved in everything, that's life. I know I'm horrible and mean and honest and heartless but ugh.


redheadsmom said...

My concern on this issue is two-fold: Who would run both shows? Parents who are requesting extras are often NOT the ones volunteering (hence the reason you don't know her name), and second, whether or not a kid is going to get laughed off the stage or booed by older meaner kids who think they are Simon Cowell Jr.s.

Linda said...

Redheadsmom, you are so funny!

Valinda, Rush and Glenn Beck would totally agree with you. They both think that the sooner kids learn they can't be the best at everything the better off they are. It's painful for the moms but we ALL learned that we weren't the most special at everything at some point in our lives...and look, we're still good people

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! I can discipline my students, but it's much harder when it comes to my own children (aka dogs). -Barbie

Karen Valinda said...

When I read this I realized why those totally untalented folks that expose themselves to Simon's wrath are clueless as to their lack of talent! I just supposed brain death was rampant in today's society... nope, honesty and reality are simply missing (disregarded) xoxoxox

The Lowe Family said...

nope! i totally agree with you. why have auditions if you aren't gonna deny anyone then? what a waste of time.