Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Shower?

My friend Rosa from PTSO had her baby shower today. But she wasn't there. She was locked up in Summerlin Hospital and will be there until she has her baby! The poor girl has low fluid levels and gestational diabetes so she can't even get fun treats. :(

I saw her at home on Thursday, not being very good about her bedrest (not that I blame her) then she called me yesterday to say she had been locked up and that she hoped to be sprung by her party. This morning she called me and let me know she was stuck and will be until at least Tuesday (35 weeks).

The baby shower was still "on". Her 8 year old daughter has been excitedly planning it for a month and so we all went to the shower, had the food, played the games (I won one), and then we took our presents over to her and let her open them. She couldn't miss all the fun!

Summerlin was where I had George and walking up to the 2nd floor and stopping to use the phone to get into the unit brought all those memories back. The NST's twice a week for 6 weeks, the NICU/SPCU for 18 days ... and everything else. I love my baby girl but that was the longest couple of months I've ever lived through!

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Safire said...

Good thing kids are worth it, right? :)