Friday, January 16, 2009

Wandering through Life

Today was just a normal day.

Had breakfast at school but forgot George's dollar so the super nice lunch lady let her use a dollar off Fred's account.

Fred had a Field Trip to the Atlantis Aquarium at Caesar's Palace so she had breakfast at home, it was her choice. I didn't ask.

The Mom with the Beautiful Hair called and let me know her kids were sick so instead of hanging out with her George and I hung out in Teacher Barbie's room with my friend Rosa from PTSO. She was being a Mommy Helper so I helped out to. George LOVES being part of the Kindergarten class and fits in really well.

After lunch we grabbed ElCid's paycheck and took it to the bank.

We bought the right ink for my printer so it works again! Yay!

I got the Cinderella poofs 3/4 done. They need elastic I don't have. I'll finish the replacement and send it. Once the fabric shows up all I have to do is the dress all the accessories are complete!

ElCid is home early so I'm going to get that elastic, by myself! :)

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Anonymous said...

Shopping by myself is good, and usually less eventful AND less expensive! Moga at age 4 fit in well with the kindergarten class and the kids used to fight over who's partner she would be ;-}