Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exercising ... My Patience!

Yep, you guessed it, I took the girls bike riding to the park again today.

On the way there Jr. complained every 1/2 a block that her leg was tired and screeched for us to slow down and wait for her. I let Fred ride up ahead each time to the next corner and that only caused Jr. to shout louder, but really there is only so slow a person can go before they have to come to a complete stop!

Once we got to the park it was all good, ElCid joined us by car (he doesn't bike ride) and they loved taking turns getting him to look at them. Just before we left Fred and Jr. went zooming around the park trying not to crash into people, I got several dirty looks but they weren't actually hurting anyone!

On the way home Jr. and Fred kept "not racing" each other and the people driving beside us were trying my patience. (On the road from the park to our house there is a bike line, they are only allowed to ride in the bike lane) Here are some of my favorites...the people that honked at Fred as she slightly wobbled, cause that's gonna help. The 20 something men with cigarettes who slowed down, flicked their cigarettes and hung out the window to let me know we were blocking a car behind us. (bike lane, remember) And then there was the guy that flipped us off (the girls didn't notice) because he had to wait to turn because my kids aren't as fast as cars.

It always amazes me at how rude people can be when we are where we are supposed to be, doing something healthy and fun as a family!


Anonymous said...

They would be the folks that voted against having bike lanes...
Good exercising!

Sandra Huntsman said...

People suck. 'nuff said.

Linda said...

Way to exercise! Down with mean people! Bike lanes scare me not because of the bikers but because drivers are nuts!

Zanne said...

What was that? You DO want to move back to Utah? (sorry, that was evil of me). I remember when I got flipped off by a lady who had children in the back seat because I was a bike in the proper lane, and I stopped in time so she didn't hit me (would have been her fault). Keep up with the family exercising.

Emily said...

Wow! You guys are amazing! Next time you should have Peter drive behind you with a sign on the back of his car stating, "Parade in Progress."--Of course he'll need to blast appropriate music from his car. I wonder what kinds of responses he would get:).