Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I learned on the news

I'm not crazy my money doesn't buy as much at the grocery store these days. Several major companies have started putting less in the old size container (labeled properly with the new amount) or they have made the container slightly smaller as part of a "new packaging" roll out and oh yeah by the way it holds less too. The prices are still the same but it saves/earns the company millions with less product.

Dakota Fanning is being considered for the role of Jane in New Moon. I have a little hope for the movie with a new director but still the same screen play writer so I'm on the fence about it.

I think that's all for tonight. There were a few other things but nothing that made me take notice.


Emily said...

Nate and I have noticed the packaging scam. We first noticed it this fall in St. George when Nate's mom got out a couple of tubs of ice cream for dessert. The new tub was noticably smaller. Gradually we've notice other products as well. Is this the new way for Americans to eat less?

Safire said...

Ahh..packaging. Hate it. Want to make all of my stuff at home now. Grr..

Anyway, that's ALL you learned on the news? Wow, the news is awful these days. (Hehe, look at me talking about how awful it is when I don't even see it or read it.) So you know more than I do.

The Lowe Family said...

oooh thats the good thing about the commissary...NO MARKUP at all. well i'm sure we're still effected by the packaging scam but things are WAAY cheaper there than in town. holy smokes. it's almost worth all the stinky sweaty touchy ppl. okay maybe not.

Zanne said...

I mentioned to my brother how I use to only buy cereal (you know me and cereal) if it was over a certain amount of ounces (21 oz). But now, they don't make cereal boxes that big anymore. The largest sizes are now 17-19 oz, with many only have 15 oz. My brother, being a stocker at the grocery store, agreed. He said that he has watched boxes get smaller and smaller, with more items in each shipping box. At least he gets a 15% discount on any store brand merchandise.