Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Miles

I've added a new thingy on my side bar there labeled "our miles".

ElCid's family has made a family challenge to "walk" to Salt Lake from like Winter Quarters, I'm not positive. (It's an LDS thing) Anyways the goal is to "walk" 1,032 miles by the end of the year.

Here is what makes a mile -
  • Walk/Run/Bike/Swim 1 Mile
  • Losing one inch on your body
  • Every 30 Minutes of Scripture Reading (Can be combined into two days)
  • Every 30 Minutes of "Active" Cleaning
  • Every 15 minutes of activity
  • Eating a combination of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in one day
  • Each pound lost equals 10 miles
  • Each day without treats
  • Each day without eating out
  • Each day without carbonation and/or caffeine
  • Each day not eating after 7 pm
  • Diabetic trekkers: Getting your A1C under 8 equals 200 miles (ElCid has 2 diabetic sisters)
So when you see my miles stagnate feel free to gently nudge me back into action. When you see my miles go through the roof, feel bad for ElCid I'll be out buying new jeans!!

Hopefully my competitive side will keep me in action and I'll be looking great in those size __'s by the end of the year. :)


Safire said...

Really cute idea! I may steal it from you. ;)

Hillary said...

I'm not going to feel bad for El Cid or Roger for that matter. Roger never seems to complain when I'm buying jeans in a SMALLER size! :) Race you to the finish!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Cindy walked the equivalent distance from Winter Quarters to Salt Lake... I was impressed. It will be great to watch your progress! Le got me a pedometer today ;-} How many steps in a mile?

The Lowe Family said...

uhm...after reading the possibilities i can only earn miles by being active...suck.