Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh help me

It has begun. ElCid will be shotgun shopping tomorrow because Fred got her first love note today.

Also today the audition fliers came out for the Talent Show. Jr. wants to sing The Call from the end of Price Caspian. Fred wants to sing Constant as the Stars Above from ... one of the Barbie movies, Rapunzel? I tried to convince them to sing something together but no dice. I have no clue if they will cast both of them, but I'm afraid Fred will get cast and not Jr. That will be devastating. We don't have long to practice or long to wait to see what happens. The auditions are on Tuesday and the show is the 26th. Yikes!!


Beki said...

Do you know the people deciding? Maybe you could request that if one isn't, than neither should be? Sometimes people in the plays I knew who had sibs did that. They were old enough to agree to it, but your girls wouldn't know the dif.

Emily said...

Don't worry about buying ammunition. I believe mom has quite a bit in her food storage:)

redheadsmom said...

Both girls will be fabulous. As someone who is 17 months younger than her sister, I don't think they should be lumped together because one may not succeed. I know it is hard, but they need to succeed or fail on their own.