Friday, December 19, 2008

Ready ... Set ... Go!

I'm just about "there". I have to be, I'm nearly out of time! The kids are packed, I've grabbed the plates and cups for my MIL and the dishes are done. I'm finishing up Flo's present and then I just have picking up left to do. I'm glad to be getting out of the house for a few days it will be nice ... and loud (13 grandkids)... and chaotic... and busy...and well you get the idea, it's The Wedding.


Safire said...

Have fun! And when you come back, we need to talk about a possibility that we may be coming to LV in the summer.

Karen Valinda said...

Hoorah for chaotic weddings!
I love your snow... I should send the girls some of ours... as cold as it is it is NOT going anywhere ;-Þ

Drive Safe! The other drivers don't know about snow...

;-} nelingos