Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picture Page

Waiting outside the Temple

Other George, he's from Phoenix so the snow is as much as a novelty to him as my kids
SO & Hil
Jr. not playing in the snow
George not playing in the snow
Really not playing in the snow

The newlyweds T & A (Yes, I did that on purpose)
So happy together - Forever!
7 0f 13
Kafra and Madi
This is for you MyZanne, bring back memories??
The back of Jr's hair, the impressive part.
It was fun and now ElCid and I are home alone until Tuesday moning !!!!


Hillary said...

Hillary & Kathy say ... Shouldn't you be doing SOMETHING other than blogging!?

Safire said...

Everyone looks nice in their clothes. (BTW, a mom at church this week had these dresses for her girls too and I thought of you...couldn't stop smiling in fact.)

Karen Valinda said...

We attended our old ward and our new ward yesterday and saw the dress at both wards! Buh asked me how that little girl managed to be both places ;-}
(They read in our records at the new ward... then we had to leave to sing in the Christmas program at the old)

But Ddonn! you will be lonely! The girls and I are sure of that. NO one to cook for or clean up after or run errands with - that can't do it for himself ;-Þ


xoxoxox redan