Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it SNOW!!!

For the first time in 5 years it SNOWED!!! Good ole' Vegas snow that falls, sticks slightly and then washes away in the rain that always follows the snow but it was super fun to see the huge fluffy flakes falling from the sky.

George was beside herself with excitement and did all the experimenting she could in the little time we spent outside. "Look!! It likes my jacket! Hey! It's on your hair! How long can I hold it in my hand? Will it make my hand so cold? How many can you count? I counted a thousands! It melted on Bunso! I'm going to throw some! " The darling monologue went on but you get the idea.

Fred and Jr. got to see the snow but sadly they are in school and having inside recess so there wasn't any time for them to play.

I'm very happy there was a little bit of winter weather today, I really do miss it!


Safire said...

Wow!! We are excited for you!!

redheadsmom said...

You can have my snow! It is still going. My nose should not be cold when I go outside. Ever!

Beki said...

We had snow for a minute here, too the other night. It was crazy!