Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Woke up at 6:30 - Painful very, very painful.

Breakfast with Santa - Went well loads of people came, nobody shouted at me and we actually made money off our free event.

Went Shopping - Returned extra items from Breakfast with Santa, went looking for present for ElCid's work party (bought new Cranium game)

Took a Nap - Well, I tried to but it didn't go so well the wind was rattling my windows so hard I couldn't do more than doze for a minute or 2.

Got ready for the party - With makeup and everything, definitely a sure sign of a special occasion. I bet most of you didn't know I owned makeup.

Drop off - Dropped Annie at her very first real live sleepover party. Yes, I know it's from Saturday to Sunday but she was so cute about the whole thing and she's known the kid since first grade so I caved under pressure. She will be picked up early so she can still go to church, no worries.

ElCid's party - Nice dinner, FABULOUS Ghirardelli molten chocolate cakes for dessert, fun present exchange.

Pick up - Hung out with Mom with the beautiful hair for a bit while the kids wrapped up their playing. They want a fire place at our house now because the Girls with the beautiful hair have one and it was turned on.

Tomorrow - Teaching the lesson # 38 Good Health Habits my last one of the year!!!!!! While I might not practice the best health habits I do know a good bit about them. :)

Right now - Going to get some sleep!!!


Anonymous said...

So, how does one make money at a free event? Donations?

I was expecting a picture of you all dressed up for the party! (I can recognize you even IN makeup!)


The Lowe Family said...

yea i wanna see the makeup face. i've seen you with makeup on ur facebook profile so i know ur really DO have some.