Monday, November 10, 2008

Work and the Glory

I stole this picture from ebay- it was nice

I got on this bandwagon early on...before I met Flo even. I started reading them in high school. My favorite is #6 Praise to the Man. I was sitting in Mrs. Oswalt's class and Joseph Smith is martyred and I'm bawling my eyes out trying not to be conspicuous because I'm supposed to be reading something else.

These books were a good way to get into historical fiction something I'd never had much interest in. Crime and Punishment, A day in the life of Ivan Dinisovich, July's people, and several others, all historical all BORING. I also liked reading them so I remembered more details about what they talked about. Hopefully the information will come in handy on Jeopardy.

I read all of them each time I was pregnant, bed rest gives lots of time for reading. I've never read anything else by Gerald Lund, maybe I should, when I'm on bed rest next :)

The movies were so far off from the books it wasn't even worth being bugged by them. Maybe that's a good attitude to take into Twilight...


Karen Valinda said...

Nice picture ;-} I noticed them on your shelf behind George in the harvest tunic/dress I think, one of the recent pictures anyway, and thought if I ever have occasion to convalesce at your house I ought to read them... read a little of the first one long ago.

Safire said...

I liked those books too. You might try Children of the Promise by Dean Hughes which I enjoyed better than the Work and the Glory. I thought they were by the same author but google tells me otherwise. Something for you to try anyway!

redheadsmom said...

When you are on bed rest next? I thought you had decided against baking a bun for me.