Sunday, November 9, 2008

Harry Potter

This is another of those bandwagons I was late joining. Flo had read the books but I was traveling in the wrong circles to hear much about them so I didn't get on board until #4 was all ready out.

These are another set of movies I could rant about all day long about, but I won't. :)

I'm not an overly involved fan when it comes to things like Harry Potter. I don't get dressed up (for much of anything - occupational hazard), I send my sweet husband to Smith's at midnight to pick up the new one for me, I only own one of the movies, you get the idea.

This is another fun way to escape into the sci-fi world without getting in all the way. I like that Rowling set up the school on invite only so kids wouldn't think there was some way to make themselves witches or wizards. I think it's funny when people get bent that Harry is so popular for no reason. Hello, he's the hero...hero's aren't always the hero for a reason sometimes they just ARE!!!

I have a very unique copy of #5, or is it #6 ?, either way the pages were put into the hard binding upside down and backwards. I didn't notice the first day I had it because the dust jacket was on it but the second day the dust jacket came off and I notice that the words on the spine were all wrong! I like to think of it as a collectors item.

I was fine with the way the series ended, what could I do if I didn't? I would have liked to know Harry's occupation but you can't always know everything. :)

I bought a copy of #1 for Fred to read but she hasn't cracked it yet, once she does we'll see how much she takes after her Auntie Wil.


redheadsmom said...

It is your #5 that is upside-down in the binding. Have you noticed the common theme for the books you got hooked on later in life? Oh yeah, it's ME! I know, I'm awesome...

Karen Valinda said...

JE sez Harry is an auror... JKR did an internet question and answer session shortly after releasing the final book and gave all sorts of info not in the books, like Hermione's birthday is 19 Sept, and a transcript of it was on her website... don't know if it still is. I love the British edition Wil sent me from London... one of the middle ones.