Monday, November 3, 2008

A Little Princess

Beware of this book as a movie! The BBC version from 1986 is the best there is and gets the whole thing just about right! The other versions out there aren't worth the time. Her dad dies in the beginning/middle of the book and stays dead the rest of the book. I think the movies ought to keep that little bit the same!

Once I read The Secret Garden it was only natural to hunt down something else by Frances Hodgson Burnett and that is when I found this.

I actually prefer Sara to Mary. Mary does come full circle in her character development but Sara is so strong from the beginning and was certainly a lot more like myself. I could also picture Sara's life actually happening as opposed to Mary's where the whole thing just seemed like a fairytale. Besides Sara had way better clothes and the writer gave far better descriptions of them.

(Is books a boring topic? Should I pick something else?)


Safire said...

Love books! Thinking my girl might like these now. Keep them coming!

Karen Valinda said...

I agree with Safire.
Having been there when you read these it is interesting to hear how they affected you.

Heidi said...

I LOVE this STORY!!!!! One of my very favorites! I also think books is a fabulous topic!!!!