Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Halloween!! (and post #300!) part 1

I got to sleep!!!!! It's Nevada day around these parts and there is no school. :) Nevada very fittingly in my opinion became a state on 10-31-1864. (When did Utah become a state???)

The crazy monkeys have been enjoying PBS and we have big plans for today. I have got to get some work done despite sleeping in and the fact that it's a holiday.

We have Trick-or-Treat at ElCid's office this afternoon and then Trunk-or-Treat later at church.

I will post pictures of Lemon Meringue, Gold Ariel and Strawberella, later today.


redheadsmom said...

January 4, 1896! :p

Karen Valinda said...

Aunt LeAnna's birthday! 66 years early... and ElCid's 79 years early...

their costumes are great and the wigs are a fun touch! and yes, I realize I am commenting on stuff in the next post here ;-}