Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Respect the running water

Remember when I put running water on my "little things" list? Well I should have dedicated a whole post to it because I am now!!!

Today was pay the bills day, a couple days late but I've been busy, when I opened the water bill it was $75!!!! That is 3 times normal. Ack! I called and told Peter about the whole thing and we made a concerted effort to find the leak.

I couldn't find anything in the house and when he came home he noticed wet rocks in the front yard. I don't come in the front door and when I do open the front door it's for a reason.

We scooped off the rocks and yes there was a puddle. We pulled back the weed barrier and yep even more water. ElCid started digging and the sludge/clay was awful to move and there are a million tree roots and the hole is just getting bigger and bigger.

We got some help in turning off the water to the house but that means my kids can't shower for picture day tomorrow. I can't wash laundry, dishes, hands, nothing. We can turn it back on (we kept the thing to turn the water on with) but the hole will fill with water and it will make the project even that much harder.

This will most likely continue all through tomorrow. ElCid doesn't see the problem with that situation but then again he WON'T BE HERE!!!!

Being 30 is so not cool.


Mama P said...

oh u poor thing. If u really need to the kids can shower here!

Zanne said...

So sorry, being without water is awful.

redheadsmom said...

Ok, the hand washing thing is icky. But, in my experience, dirty hair is much easier to get to hold a style. I am very sorry, I'm just trying to see a bright side for you.

Safire said...

Ugh, so sorry about the water! Hopefully it will get fixed soon!

The Lowe Family said...

that makes me not wanna buy a house...thanks for allowing me to rethink this.