Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"I dressed myself today" and other sandwich board messages

Yay!! People played my game!!
The winner was picked by George randomly out of a pile....drumroll please....

I swear it wasn't rigged but I have to admit when I said "You picked Aunt Flo" her reply was "that's cause I like her best". I will figure out your prize and send it on to you!!!

Both of my children were dressed in interesting attire today and I couldn't persuade either one to change. That will NOT be the case tomorrow for picture day. I'm very sure anyone who sees them will know they picked out their own clothes but it still makes me cringe.

I have about a million things to get done today so I'm going to go work on all that now.

1 comment:

redheadsmom said...

I should win because I answered first, but I will take being george's fav!