Wednesday, October 1, 2008


party, party, party, party, party, party

1983 I think, I don't know for sure
What I do know is that I never went back to this house after I was 5
and Nan looked about 2/3 in these pictures (she was cropped out)

Today I'm going to say having my house clean is important to me. NOT cleaning my house simply having it be clean. I know you can't have the one without the other but if I had the money to pay someone to do it, I sooooo would!

So what brought on the importance?? The party on Friday. Here at the house. With little people invited that I really don't want going home and telling their mommies Jr's house is messy. No really it's happened to me before. I don't really care (I like playing with my kids, sewing, reading, sleeping, cooking, eating, scrapbooking, general crafting & etc. much better than cleaning) but if anyone said something to Jr she would die of embarrassment. It's swell when kids tell me "My Mom's a good cleaner...(as they survey the catastrophe)"

Today I cleaned my oven. Full on bought oven cleaner, sprayed it in, let it set for 2 hours, and the whole shebang. Yes, that was the first time I've done it ever at this house. I've done spot cleaning just not the whole deal.

I also went through the little cup, buckets & jar that sit on my windowsill and put things away and threw things away. I also removed half of the assorted containers. This is a big thing just ask Flo.

The counters are clear, and things put away and thrown away. I still have to tackle the island but I don't dare move part of the stuff because I don't want to loose it all. It's real mail, PTSO stuff, and some of ElCid's stuff.

I've yet to mop the floor I'll probably get that over with on Thursday or maybe Friday, it's only on the list because they're going to be watching a movie at the end of the party and sitting on the floor. I hate my floor. It's old and junky and looks the same whether I mop it or not.

I know my people all enjoy a clean house but getting them to help me clean or even keep it that way is nearly impossible! I've tried just about everything and have yet to find a sure fire way to get things done.

Anything you've tried that works with chores?


Karen Valinda said...

The top one is at your 'other' grandma's house, if Le looks 2 you would be 3 1/2 so you must be close... how did this get past the mom with the pen for dating photos? ;-}


Mama P said...

I love pics from when we are young. It makes me smile. So if me kids feel better. Do u want some help cleaning?. So two parties back to back? HOW DO U DO IT?

Safire said...

Chores: I assign myself different chores different days. Monday-bathrooms. Tuesday- kitchen (no floors). Wednesday- Wash day, laundry and baths for kids. Thursday- clutter. Friday- floors. Saturday & Sunday- no chores!

It works if I keep up with it.

And I totally see Jr in your pictures!

The Lowe Family said...

i'm totally gonna get a house cleaner when i have a house one day. i hate cleaning, but love a clean house.

redheadsmom said...

party or no, you will still be the big 3-0! Feel free to delete me if you want. The truth hurts, it's okay.