Monday, September 1, 2008

yeah n stuff

I have mounds of laundry in my living room, I'll have to take a picture before I start washing it.

Some rat fink leaked a partially finished portion of Midnight Sun and now the writer can't bring herself to finish it. She posted the piece on her own website and it made me like Edward a lot better. I'm sad I'll never read his version of the medoew scene.

Thanks to Jessica it has been called to my attention I will be *gulp* 30 in 33 days.

I have dress orders coming in, 2 are due in the next 2 weeks we'll have to see how it goes.

There is a PTSO meeting tomorrow and I need to write up an agenda, lucky for me I've done that before. I'm wondering if part of what makes this job so "hard" is that many people don't have basic leadership training. I've had basic leadership training since I was 12 and while this is a new application a meeting to run is a meeting to run they all follow a similar path.

It has basically been decided that George will be home schooled for preschool. It was SOO nice to take Fred and Jr. to Miss K and let her deal with fine tuning their pre-K education. I really LIKE school away from home, less pressure on me, but I'm sure we'll be fine.

Okay well as you can see I should be doing something besides blogging but I'd hate to be put on time out and I like it when you all update your blogs so I figured I ought to return the favor.


Mama P said...

Well at least she will be able to see Vinnie on Mondays and Wednesdays. (pre-k on those days for him) Maybe we can do lunch one day a week together so she can get her Vinnie fix. hehehe

redheadsmom said...

hey you didn't call me to tell me you got home! I guess you did. I updated too, so nobody can put me on time-out. Homeschooling is no fun, but at least you get to send her off a year before you would've if you lived here!

The Lowe Family said...

yea....yall better be scared of my time out!