Saturday, August 30, 2008

15? Year Reunion

Yep that was today, ElCid is not only OLD but he's really OLD!

This morning there was an ice cream social for the whole family at 10 am (ice cream at 10?) at a park with NO bathrooms (50 kids NO potty?) . I missed part of the games (darn) taking George to the bathroom at a nearby grocery store.

After leaving the ice cream social we went and got some foam core board to finish ElCid's contribution of a memorial for those classmates that have passed away. It was an adventure and we grabbed McD's for the kids and Cafe Rio for those of us with taste buds on the way back to the house. I started printing the pictures he needed and left him to work with Toadwatt and I went to take a nap, so everyone would survive the day.

I woke up, the memorial looked great and we went to the dinner portion. There was mingling, dinner, getting to know about you now games, and one shining moment of hilarity but you really had to be there, we all laughed so hard we cried.

They picked the girl to do the next one in 5 years and we'll see each other then (oh yay). Well that was today, the show is over but the laundry is not so I'll still have AIDA waiting for me when I get home. (yippeee skipppeeee)


The Lowe Family said...

your costumes on sandras blog are absolutely FABULOUS, you are awesome! so talented...

Safire said...

Wish we could have seen you! Hope you had a great reunion and we'll catch up next time.