Friday, September 19, 2008

Party! Party!

Well it is over and done so now we can finish planning Jr's. *sigh* Sometimes it never ends! I'm okay with that :)

Anyways rewinding 5 hours, it was a great party with a nice turn out and she got lots of really cool presents! We were discussing earlier that parties are really about playing with our friends and not really about presents . "But Mom, friends bring the presents" yeah she just wasn't going to believe me, maybe we'll work on that again next year.

Here is the cake complete (but it slid in the car and I was sad).
This is Lyndsay aka Vinnie's mom and his little baby
George & K
Fred, Bubba & Kafra

This is The Mom with the Beautiful Hair -
she was exempt from partying because she was reading Breaking Dawn
My Extra Kid and his amazing tickets
KR & Vinnie rockin' out
Bweewan loving the tractor
Everybody loves Peter Piper!
Vinnie's Big Baby
Ready to sing??
Make a Wish
My Extra Kid and all his 500 army men - seriously

George got loads of fun stuff, Strawberry Shortcake poster, flashcards, sun catcher, and activity book. The pink monkey pj's below. A Cinderella dress up set. A princess book, radio and new tea set. She also got 2 new Baby Alive's. Not counting the one she got from ElCid and Fred on Wednesday. The 2 she was "missing" from her collection which is now complete except for the big scary one that's $60 or if they come out with a new one. The one in the sassy red dress was from Christmas.
She is the happiest little Momma in Vegas!


Mama P said...

I am glad she is happy. Thanks again for having us. Sorry we had to run!

Safire said...

Looks like a fun party! :)

The Lowe Family said...

It looks so fun, my kids would have loved it! too bad we aren't closer. look at me inviting myself to your party..rude.

so the cake is marverlous but i'm so sad it's slid. i would have been crushed. at least you got a picture before that happened. i love it still.

okay we HAVE the big scary baby alive and i'd be more than happy to GIVE it to you guys because of the fact that it IS big and scary. yikes. it talks in the middle of the night and i'm scared i'm gonna wake up in the morning and it's gonna be on top of me or something. *shiver* hate that thing.