Friday, September 19, 2008


So for the 1994 picture you get these 3.
The two with various siblings are from outings with my Dad
The third one was off my high school ID

When ElCid and I were first married his younger brother and sisters who were still at home would ask us when we were moving to St. George. My very practiced reply was "When they have a Target and a Jack in the Box (and when Wal-Mart is no longer part of the mall!?!)".

Convenient shopping is VERY important to me! There are 4 Target within 5 miles of my house, 3 Bath and Body Works, 4 Wal-Mart, 10 grocery stores, 2 Michaels, but only one Jo Ann's. The other JoAnn's is in Henderson, a half hour away.

When we do visit in St. George it always strikes me as totally 1953 when someone uses the phrase "going into town". Once Flo asked Fred if we were going into town here in Vegas and I coached my cute girl to tell her "Aunt Flo we LIVE in town!"

I really like shopping for fun stuff, fabric, shoes, clothes, lotion etc. It's not my favorite thing when I have to take all 3 girls at dinner time or when they're whiny. It's also not my favorite to shop for household necessities and groceries. I hate spending so much money on things that won't last more than a week or two!

Give me a Macy's with a fantastic sale and plenty of $$$ to spend there and I'm in heaven!


Safire said...

You would love living in this many stores, and so little time. :)

The Lowe Family said... are quite the shopper. i love to shop too but i'm not so good with the money thingy so i don't go because i always forget to bring my "Self control"