Friday, September 26, 2008


Oh dear, we're into single digits!
Fourth grade 1988 second row second from the right
Why the stupid face? I dunno the kid in front of me was doing it too.

As I was typing up my post yesterday it occurred to me that I haven't put one of the hottest commodities I have on my list yet, my time is very important to me!

I have a busy life. I like it that way. Wil took several education classes and one was about disorders and she said my whole family is slightly ADD. I can see that in me, I can bounce from project to project and keep busy. I just don't bounce to dishes and laundry as often as I should. Anyways back to the real subject.

In my mega scheduled life I leave very little free time (this to me means time I have NOTHING to do). When I'm stuck someplace, like dance class tonight for an hour and a half as each minute ticks away I want to scream! There was so much I could have gotten done at home but Jr. needed to see me there for her and that made it almost bearable.

Even worse to me is when I'm "required" to be somewhere and my presence is absolutely pointless. I know some people like to hang out and small talk with simple acquaintances but I'm way to bratty for that!

Hmmm. Maybe this goes back to me being a snob, but whatever the reason don't be wasting my time!!!


Karen Valinda said...

What a silly face Ddonn! I remember you not wanting me to buy that picture at first and then we discussed that it had your friends and teachers in it;-}

Time is a good one... at this point in time I had best change the stinky boy insisting that he does NOT have stinky poop in his diaper... yeesh! Like my nose doesn't work.

single digits -

Safire said...

Ahhh, that's why I love my laptop. I take it with me to silly things that my presence is needed, just not my presence of mind. I'm often in the back working on pictures or trying to get an internet connection. ;)

redheadsmom said...

maybe there was diet coke taped to the ceiling!