Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speaking Husband

Before I was extended the call to be in YW's my sweet cute husband was asked if he would be able to support me in my calling. Specifically be home on Tuesdays so I could be gone. He said yes that would be fine and I was skeptical but had to trust him. He has now begun to make it home on time on Tuesdays with minimal reminders and maybe I'm too picky but I need more than a live adult at home to make sure the house doesn't burn down. I expect 4 things to happen between 6:55 when I leave and 8:45 - bedtime. I need the bathroom cleaned (7:00), they need a shower (7:30/:45), their stuff needs to be removed from the family room (8:15) and they need to be ready for bed (8:30/:45).

These things just aren't happening. The shower is half heartedly being done but somehow when George wakes up butt naked with the same ponytail I gave her yesterday I'm under the impression that her hair isn't really clean and she never really got ready for bed. (Last night I stopped at rehearsal after YW so I didn't get home until 9:30 ish)

Apparently ElCid just isn't mean enough to inspire action in the people. I'm feeling very stuck with being away for an hour + feeling like I'm wasting my time and getting nothing done (for work, for my house, or for my people). Then I come home to an even bigger mess then I left and people who are still up and all worked up when I end their fun prematurely.

I've tried to explain to him what I need, and I've left a schedule of events but I'm just not speaking husband, do any of you have any good translating skills???


redheadsmom said...

Maybe you could offer a magnet system that he could put on the door inside the garage. if their is a green magnet it means the kids are in bed and you should strip before coming in the house. I am sure this is a bribe that would work!

creeks wife said...

Flo always has the best ideas and I think you should definately try it.

Sandra said...

Hmm....I am in the opposite boat. My husband is much better at getting the kids in bed, probably because he just makes them do it and doesn't put up with their delays. Actually I think he'd probably be better as primary care taker, but that's a whole other story.

I know it's a pain and you have a lot going on, but maybe he can just have his one night a week to do things his way for a while. Maybe decide which item or two is most important - wean him! He's not used to being around at night so he doesn't really know your schedule or frankly how to do your job. He's doing great to get home on time for you - don't discourage it by laying into him because he can't get your job right. Maybe when he starts getting one thing down, such as bed time, he'll move on to another thing like showers and surprise! I don't know, just a thought.

I don't think we as moms give ourselved enough credit for all we do! Sometimes I think "Wow! I'm exhausted, I feel like I worked all day, but I got nothing done!" Until I think about all the diapers and bottles and clean up this mess and make this snack and that snack and stop the kids from killing each other - it's amazing we get anything else done ever.

And then you can always reward him with Flo's suggestion! Oh dear, though, I don't ever want to know if there's a green magnet.

Karen Valinda said...

I think Sandra has it covered in her second paragraph... I wasn't smart enuf to let it be your dad's way once in a while and I believe it made it easier for him to distance himself from the whole 'mess'.


creeks wife said...

I still think the green magnet is the best idea.

redheadsmom said...

i agree with my sister, sex and food are always the way to a man's heart

ElCid said...

Ummm, I occasionally read this. Where do I buy a green magnet?