Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A little bit of happiness

I've been feeling overwhelmed and having some anxiety about the costumes for the show, I'm down to a month!! I keep feeling like I'm getting nothing done with all the life I have to deal with and then I remember oh yeah, Moga lived here for Peter Pan, darn that Moga!

I've been working on 3 things this week and 2 have gone well while the other is just looking awful. This dress is about 3/4 done but it makes me happy that it's what Steve wanted so I'm putting up a picture of it.
I'd like to thank Sandra for showing Steve the pattern because that made it really easy. I'd seen the pattern but thought it was too different so I never suggested it to him.


Sandra said...

Yay! It's pretty. Breathe, ok?

Karen Valinda said...

It really is beautiful! 3 things at once will make your life crazy . . . without 3 sqirrels and a husband . . . so congratulate yourself on a job well done cutie!
So this is one down and x? to go.

You do good work!!!


redheadsmom said...

r u here yet

Zanne said...

Beautiful dress! Wow!