Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My girls know that jobs are important. They know that Daddy works all day everyday so we can have food and clothes. They know that he loves them and he works very hard for us.

With my job being in our home I try not to "one more minute, in a second, hold on, please wait, I'm almost done" my kids too much. It happens all the time but I try to make sure they know that my job isn't more important then they are. Today at Hancock George was "very done with this dumb store" so we picked out some fabric and I took 4 hours this afternoon and made her an outfit.

I love the super cute one of a kind outfits sold on ebay but usually my versions don't come out quite the way I was looking for. I actually like how this one turned out! She choose her sleeves to be yellow and it looks far better than I thought it would. :)

I used elastic thread in the bobbin instead of making casings for elastic. It is way faster and just as effective. It also makes for a better fit in the back.

Now don't rat me out to the Director, I got some things done for him today too!


redheadsmom said...

George looks so dang cute. Favorite aunt gives her a big seal of approval for her fabulous taste!

Sandra said...

Shhh...Your secret is safe with me! It is really cute!

Karen Valinda said...

How precious! The yellow is perfect - even tho' it might not have been an obvious choice. Do Fred and Jr get one too? ;-}

I will have to find a way to make a wearable sign, that goes with her best outfits that reads "Grammy's Girl" ! I could add Flo's seal of approval to it!

Safire said...

The yellow sleeves were my favorite part! :) very cute!

Heidi said...

Abbey says she looks cute! Love Abbey

The Lowes said...

u need to make more of these outfits and sell them on ebay! that's precious!