Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blah, Blah

Yeah you can just skip this post. I'm mostly posting so I won't get put on time out. :)

I watched the Director's 2 oldest for 10 hours yesterday and he and his right hand woman did lots of looking, finding and shopping. I got some sewing done in between loading and unloading kids while I trucked Jr. around for 2 birthday parties.

After the shopping expedition we hashed over some details and got a few more things sorted out.

Today was church and then I forced my kids to pick up. I worked on the family room ElCid did dishes and supposedly the kids bedroom and playroom also got worked on. I've seen the bedroom and it looks better but I'm not brave enough to peek at the playroom, I just can't do it.

Jr was my "good" child today. The other 2 each had a fit screaming and crying for more than 10 minutes. They spent that time on their beds, I'm not going soft.

Now I'm going to bed. They're going to have to decide Miss Universe without me. I picked Croatia but she didn't make it to the top 15. I think I should get 1/2 credit if Australia wins cause her dad is Croatian.

And now that I've rambled you can see why I need to be in bed.


redheadsmom said...

Wow, George is two for two, is tomorrow gonna be three? We should start keeping track!

Karen Valinda said...

I hope you got really good sleep last night or the week will be off to a rocky start~ and from the picture it seemed that Venezuela or Columbia won, I didn't open the article, sorry.

I had the monitor on too loud last night and I am day of the walking dead myself... live and learn! Our Jr sounds happy enuf over the monitor right now so there IS hope!

Perhaps I AM too old for an 8 mo and a 27 mo I didn't give birth too ;-} ya think?!?


redheadsmom said...

Miss Venezuela!

The Lowes said...

If anyone is going to timeout, it's me...I've been such a slacker lately, right?