Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lake Mead and Indiana Jones

A combination that made for a fun day!

This afternoon we went to lunch at some very nice clients of ElCid's who would like me to make outfits for their dog and 2 sphinx cats. I'm going to look into it and after August is over give it a try. We had fabulous lunch most of which was purchased at Fresh & Easy have any of you been there? Me either, but one is opening up near us soon and I plan on trying it out!

After lunch ElCid and the lady client talked stocks and stuff and I learned more about playing pool. The guy client had trophies from playing pool and taught me a couple new things. The girls got to watch Flushed Away.

After all that we headed to the lake. Someplace I'd never been. It wasn't too crowded and it was a lot of fun. See! (I forgot my real camera at home so these were taken on my phone)

SPF 100
My Dad has these awesome pictures of his kids in their bathroom and I was trying to reproduce the idea but the sun was too high in the sky. Someday I'll get it right and it will be amazing! But for now Jr's reflection in the water is cool.

A ladybug found George and hung out with her for about 5 minutes. George decided it was her new baby and talked and cooed at it until it sadly flew away.

George and her baby bug

The clients had a very friendly chihuahua and all 3 girls fell in love. Here is George walking Chico...or maybe it's the other way around!

There isn't anyone I know in this picture what your supposed to see is in the background. Notice on the mountain the darker part suddenly stops and they it's a much lighter gray? If you click on it you can see a metal bridge thing that ends in mid air. Yeah, that bridge thing used to end at the water... all the lighter gray used to be underwater. I explained to my kids that where we were driving and standing used to be all under water and this is why Mommy says don't waste water!!
The clients donated lunch leftovers for our dinner and on the car ride home the girls were starving to death! so we were extra grateful. After her sandwich George wasn't so starving anymore and fed her broccoli (which she actually likes most days) to her ducky-bunny's car.

After all that we picked up the babysitter on the way home and ElCid and I escaped to see Indiana Jones. It was much better than #2 (not hard) almost as good as #3 but nowhere as good as #1. That is ElCid's take anyway. I enjoyed it, it was definitely an Indiana Jones movie. Lots of fighting, people getting eaten by big ole' ants, some great car scenes, a double crossing counterpart that gets it in the end, and a few moments that required a willing suspension of disbelief. A good movie overall, heck if nothing else it has the music of my childhood.

Dun da duh dah dunt da dah! Dunt da daahhh dunt da duhh duhh da...

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