Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday and yesterday was my Stepmom's birthday. To celebrate long distance we made cupcakes and shared them with some of our neighbors, we didn't need all that sugar here at our house!
Happy Birthday Abuelo & Abuelita!!


The Lowes said...

happy birthday! it's jason castro day in rockwall! haha

Karen Valinda said...

I kept meaning to tell Drox it was his dad's bday and never had the thought and the boy in the same place at the same time. ;-[

I love the cupcakes! The 28th is also Elijah Bailey-Caffee's birthday... for future reference. He was 16 ;-} Poor Aunt LeAnna and Uncle Stephen!

love to all, xoxoxox

Abuela said...

YAY! Thanks!
Those look delicious but the bestest part is looking at those cute girls, I could just eat them up :)